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2023 Carnival

Save the Date

For 2023 POLL Carnival

April 16 from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.


Raffle tickets ON SALE NOW

All players are encouraged to sell $100 of raffle tickets each.

Special thanks to our awesome sponsorship committee members

Lisa Marre and Whitney Russell
2023 Carnival Co-Chairs

Katie Lyons, Kristen Opry, Kelli Kickerillo, and Ashley Weathers
2023 Raffle Chairs

Whitney Janke
Ramsey Howell
Kristin Dorsey
Emily Perry
Julie & Daron Bertillion
Lauren & Sean Teare 
Jennifer & Brandon Hodge 
Jenny & Justin Leonard
Emma Tramuto
Randi McConn
Lori Huffman
Colleen Lewis
Liz Anders
Natalie Landry
Kelly Tepper
Melissa Susong
Betsy Amis
Allison Knight
Nina Phillips
Margaret Born
Lauren Griffin
Rebecca Reaves